Life is good. And hard.

It’s 2011! Sadly for me it didn’t start out so hot. I’m sure one day I’ll look back at these trying moments and be thankful for the lessons they taught me and the chance for growth they gave me. But, right now at this moment I am struggling. I’m struggling to be a better Christian.

Maybe later I can go into more detail about my life and faith-life but for now all I can say to paint a decent picture is I’m on a journey to redefine and rekindle and reignite my relationship with God. This time around is a whole heck of a lot different and harder. I’m at a stage of my life in which I’m not easily influenced by others, unlike how I was when I was in elementary and middle school. Back then I believed what people told me to believe.

I hope and pray that these next hours (speaking long-term here) will continue to be formative and meaningful…


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