Cookies and Bluegrass

I’ve been inspired by two things on this icy, cold day. Those two things I love dearly. Cookies and bluegrass music.

I’ve baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies twice in the last five days. My parents hate me. I’ve used the same base recipe both times but the second time I added mini chocolate chips. The cookies from both batches turned out AWESOME, in my opinion of course. I’m considering baking more often than I already do! Scratch that. I’m considering to actually bake rather than placing pre-made cookies on a cookie sheet, putting the cookie sheet in the oven, and then taking the cookies out of the oven. (Side note: I can bake some mean chocolate chip banana bread. Recipe to come later.) But more times than not, I usually buy boxed brownie mix, boxed muffin mix, pre-made cookies, etc.

Bluegrass warms my soul. One band in particular that really gets my blood flowing and heart pumping is Railroad Earth. The lead singer (Todd) has a unique and capturing voice, the mandolin player (John) picks cleanly and vigorously, the upright bassist (Andrew) and percussionist (Carey) keep the band strong and steady, and the dude who plays an array of instruments (Andy) brings variety. But the violinist…the violinist (Tim) is what really reels me in like a fish out of water.

Cookies and bluegrass remind me of discovery. With my base recipe, I’m able to add different ingredients like chocolate chips or coconut to make it my own. I can uncover new ways to make each batch of cookies different than the last. It just feels good to discover new things that were once buried or unknown. That’s how I feel about the discovery of the deeper inner me, the deeper spiritual me. Sometimes it takes a while to discover new things or uncover things that are there but buried deep. This recent discovery of mine took 24 and a half years! But it isn’t over yet…


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