Wobbly Tables

There is something about a wobbly table that really annoys me.  When I’m eating, drinking, talking, whatever, and there in front of me is a wobbly table, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and fixer/doer in me begins to control my every thought until that wobbly table gets the business from sugar packets or a stack of napkins.  But sometimes the sugar packets and/or stack of napkins do not always hold out.  Actually, they hardly ever hold out.  That frustrates me and I only stick more sugar packets down there or gather more paper napkins.

That brings me to this question.  What’s up with the temporary fix?  I mean I don’t think turning a wobbly table upside down in the middle of the particular place of establishment, whipping out my travel screwdriver or what have you, and fixing it properly and more permanently is very couth or necessary .  But, maybe I could bring it to someone’s attention who has the power and ability to fix it that there is a wobbly table in their midst and it could use some TLC.

Alright, so maybe I like doing and fixing things by myself.  (For those who know me well, are you smiling to yourself and shaking your head or what?!?) But sometimes I just cannot do it all by myself.  I need to start giving myself grace knowing and trusting that I cannot always do it by myself.  And I need not be afraid of asking for help.

Oh that darn wobbly table…


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