Making Moves

Well friends, the time has come.  After deep prayer and thought, yesterday afternoon I started the application process for Candler School of Theology at Emory University located in Atlanta, GA.  I haven’t gotten nose-deep quite yet, considering I take my comprehensive exams to GRADUATE in a week and four days.  I should probably study for those.  Anyway, most of you know I grew up in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and still consider myself a Presbyterian.  If you are asking yourself why I am not thinking about applying to Columbia in Decatur or Union in Richmond or other institutions of the Presbyterian Church (USA), you are wrong.  I am thinking about it.  However, I feel applying to Emory first and foremost is what I’m supposed to do.  I already have a visit scheduled for Friday, April 15th!  Here’s my itinerary:

8:30 a.m.                     Arrive at Admission Office
8:45-9:15 a.m.           Meet and Greet Session
9:30- 10:50 a.m.       Attend a class of your choice

9:30 Classes
Matthew*; Dr. Luke Johnson; CST 549
John Wesley & 18th c. Religious Thought; Dr. Rex Matthews; CST 401
Systematic Theology; Dr. Ian McFarland; CST 501
Introduction to Public Worship* Dr. Ed Phillips; CST 322

11:00- 11:50 a.m.       Chapel with Current Students
12:00- 12:50 p.m.       Lunch with Current Students
1:00- 2:20 p.m.          Afternoon class or Admissions and Financial Aid session

1:00 Classes (optional)
Feminism in India; Dr. Denise Hanusek; CST 549
Gender in Judges; Prof. Kelly Murphy; CST 401

2:20-3:00 p.m.            Admissions and Financial Aid session

I was hoping to see, “3:00-4:00 p.m. Ultimate Frisbee at the Quad” but to my dismay, I quickly realized Presbyterians might be the only ones with such talent and passion for the sport.  (Insert “wink” emoticon.)  I haven’t decided on which morning class to attend.  “Systematic Theology” sounds mind-blowing and maybe I’ll get a preview of the mess I’m going to be putting myself through for the next few years.  (Insert “wink” emoticon again.)  On the other hand, I plan on attending and look forward to the “Feminism in India” class in the afternoon.  To provide some context, for my senior seminar as a history major at PC I focused on the roles of women during the Indian independence movement, specifically the influence of one woman, Sister Nivedita.  (Yes, she is Caucasian.  Irish, to be exact.  Contact me if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll try my best to uncover that information which is now buried beneath three years of “knowledge”  of how to effectively run a retail store and how to not be a good graduate student.  Mom, I’m kidding.  You know I’m a good student – when I have to be.  Kidding again, sort of.  And actually I think I was a pretty good manager.  OR you could just look her up on Wikipedia because we all know how legitimate that is.  I’m funny today.)  And I digress.

I’m intrigued to learn how that class relates to theological studies.  Overall, that day will be an informative day.  It could possibly be a deal-breaker day.  Whatever happens, I look forward to spending quality time at a place in which so many close relatives were nurtured and challenged in their faith.  (Shout out to my grandfather and his twin brother as well as Scott, Tom, and Kirk!  Hollerrrr!)  I hope and pray Candler is the right place for me.


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