Update on Chris, Part 1

Hooray for hearing from Christopher twice in the last three days!  He has been gone for a total of 5 days now.  Only…370 + more to go!  He has been issued a cell phone and called me from it on Wednesday while I was at work.  You better believe I dropped everything I was doing to answer that.  Food and all.  Just kidding.  It was only a little after 5pm and the restaurant was as slow as a turtle without legs.

He is doing well still and is leaving today (probably on the bust now) to head to the large village, Sapone (suh-pone-eh) an hour bus ride outside of Ouagadougou.  There they will have a ceremony to welcome all of the PC volunteers and they will each meet their families who will host them for the two months of training while they are there.  They have been trying to learn the major dialect, Moore (moor-eh), because that is mainly what the people speak in Sapone.  However, he will probably get the best hands-on training from his host family.  He is also learning a lot about even the smallest ways to stay healthy because that is going to be the biggest threat to him.  So not only is he taking that very seriously but also the Peace Corps.  Doctors are in extremely close proximity if anything happens, which is also reassuring.

After two months of training in Sapone, they will be sent off to their assigned villages or towns.  He is excited for that to come because the anxiety of the unknown is somewhat vexing.  Overall, however, he is in great spirits!  And of course, misses the heck out of me. 😉  Keep praying for him and sending good vibes his way.  He really appreciates all of the support that he has received and will continue to receive.  Now it is time for me to get back to studying for my History of Early Christian Thought midterm on Tuesday.  (Prayers and good vibes can be sent my way, too.)

Peace and love to all.


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