Letters from Africa


Hello friends and family! Just a quick update. All in all, Chris is doing well. He got a little sick on Saturday but is back to normal now. He’s looking forward to being sworn in as an official PC volunteer soon which means he will move soon, too! It seems as though his personal living situation will become much more “normal” when he moves there. Honestly, his family and I cannot wait for the hopeful Internet access that will be available there. But, things such as letters from him (pictured) make do for now. Look at those awesome stamps! If I had a quirky collection of something it would be stamps and postcards, for sure. Other than Chris successfully cooking three turkeys on Thanksgiving (one under ground) and getting over his stomach bug quickly, everything is essentially the same for him over yonder.

I’m nearing the end of my first semester in seminary and I cannot WAIT for a break. Granted, my break is only two weeks but that’s better than nothing! I’m looking forward to next semester, especially a J-term class I’m taking called, “History of Evangelicalism and American Culture.” Long story short, I got in touch with the professor and asked him if we would be touching on muscular Christianity and its emergence in American society. He responded and said, “Yes…blah blah blah.” It turns out we will be talking and reading a lot about the topic that got me to where I am now! (Topic first showed its face in the beginning of my last semester at Tennessee which turned into my thesis work.) So, YAY! I’m thrilled to be able to take a class that will fit into what I want to learn more about for my own vocation.

I trust everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and is getting into the holiday spirit. One of our most precious commodities is time (thanks Shauna)–to waste, to give, to save, to share. Let’s spend it with intention.

Peace and love, y’all.


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