Let’s Be the Sheep

Most of us know that when we read Matthew 25:31-46 (NRSV) it is not solely only about the coming of the Messiah and his judgement.  The scripture also reminds me how important it is to not only serve God or those in need but also anyone who walks into my life.  I reflected on Chris’ service with the Peace Corps.  I immediately texted him via Skype and said this:

“Read Matt. 25:31-46.  Reminds me of you.  You’re doing such amazing things over there.  You’re serving our God by serving the Burkinabe.  You’re serving our God by being a positive influence for the other volunteers.  You’re serving our God by strengthening our relationship while we work through the long distance.  Keep on keepin’ on and always be grateful for your ability to serve in that capacity.  I love you very much.”

I know that is pretty personal for me to share with you all, and in all honesty it is kind of mushy.  But, I felt so strongly and so moved by it that I wanted to express my reflections on the importance of serving and the gratitude we should express to serve.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Advent season/holiday season, one that is full of joy, laughter, growth, and service.

Peace and love.


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