Give Yourself a Pep Talk

The question, “Are you able to worship when you help lead worship?” has been clouding over my head this past semester.  As I reflect on the last few months and my time at Wesley, I remember how difficult it has been for me to be worshipful on my typical Sunday mornings.  There are probably a few things as to why it was difficult, but after reading an article titled “What Are You Singing?” sent to me by a dear and close friend, I realized that I essentially needed to pump myself up!  I reminded myself to be intentional and present for Sunday.  (In fact, we should try to be intentional and present everyday!)  So, I went into Sunday worship at Wesley ready to actively engage, listen, sing, and pray.

And I’m beyond joyful and grateful that I did.  This past Sunday was one of the few times I felt like I was worshiping, not just leading.  Wesley Foundation’s building is 3/4 glass windows, so it is easy to see what the weather brings.  The service began with heavy grey clouds laid out in every window pane.  We sang verses 1, 5-7 of one of my favorite Advent hymns, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”  Steve preached on Malachi 3:1-4 and the message was well-received by hopeful hearts.   We graciously partook in communion.  It seemed like the sun’s movement through the clouds, peeking its way out here and there, was a soundtrack to the service.  By the end of the service, I felt at peace.

To those who help lead  or lead worship, it’s alright to motivate and pump yourself up as a reminder to find those moments of genuine worship during the service.  As leaders, we do need to find ways special to us to be worshipful during the services.  Those ways can take shape in many different forms, whether it’s thanking God for the choir and organist who just performed the anthem or understanding the implications of the hymn’s words you just sang.  As leaders, we need to find those ways special to us to be worshipful during the services because those moments are there.


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