My latest adventure: BANGS Shoes

If you and I are linked on social media, you probably know that I’ve very recently become an ambassador for a company called BANGS Shoes.  Essentially, my job is to spread the word.

BANGS strives for sustainable solutions, not easy, short-term solutions, thus their slogan: Stand on issues to help others stand on their own and #weargood. BANGS is a social enterprise that not only invests in their partner, KIVA, but also invests in their team members.  Isn’t that so cool?  They are all about success on ALL fronts.

Before I officially joined the BANGS university program, I had the pleasure and honor to speak to the Founder/CEO of BANGS, Hannah Davis.  She. Is. A. Baller.  Her story is great and her vision is even better.  I have serious respect for this chick as she’s certainly paving the way for young business women who have a heart for long-lasting positive change, partnership, education, and empowerment.

Check out the website: and follow BANGS on social media!

Instagram: @bangshoes
Twitter: @BangsShoes


Pictured above: Kelsey Troutman (External Relations Chair) in red BANGS.

me in green

Pictured above: Me (BANGS Ambassador) in green BANGS.

chris in khaki

Pictured above: Chris O’Connor in khaki BANGS.


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