Since May ’13, here are my 10 takeaways.

May 2013: when I closed one strenuous yet life-enriching chapter of my life. I graduated (with a little bit of pride but mostly shock) from Candler School of Theology with a Master’s of Divinity in May of 2013. That meant no more graduate school. Some people disagree.

Well, a whole lot has happened since I completed my last stint of grad school, job related and real life related. Immediately after I graduated I started working. About six months later, my forever #mcm asked me to marry him. A little under a year after that, I took another job. A month after that, I married my forever #mcm. Since then, I’ve celebrated other marriages and engagements and I’ve been thinking about how to start my startup. From all of that, I’d be a fool not to reflect on what I’ve experienced and thus learned. In no particular order of importance, here are my major takeaways since May of 2013.

  1. Love someone who loves you back. I don’t really need to talk about the power of reciprocated love.
  2. Network. Network your ass off.
  3. Eat good food, a lot. Good food, whether cooked at a home or cooked in a restaurant that leaves a temporary dent in your wallet, will do one of two things (maybe both). 1. Create a lasting memory. 2. Bring back a memory.
  4. Go out on a Thursday night (or whatever night) even if it starts off just as a date night that turns into a two-too-many-beers-date-night. You’ll recover.
  5. Be strategically spontaneous. Get that tattoo – if you’ve been thinking about it for more than a week. Buy that pretty expensive piece of camping gear – if you are 100% certain it would get used more than once. Skip on your run or workout when you’re dead tired – if you promise yourself to do it tomorrow.
  6. Step out of your comfort zone.
  7. Travel. (Eat good food while traveling, too.)
  8. Respect your family, friends, and coworkers by really listening to them.
  9. Trust your gut and in most cases, go with your gut.
  10. Find your thing. You don’t necessarily have to do it yet. But try to find it.

I don’t really expect much out of this post but if I had to wish one thing, it would be that just one reader would find inspiration from it, even if it made him or her think, “I’ve been wanting to order that pizza from Felini’s all day today!”

Cheers, friends. Enjoy your life.



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