A CBP | 30 Days of Writing

In my Medium Daily Digest, I came across this. It’s pretty fitting, considering a) I enjoy blogging but b) I’m the opposite of consistent (that would be inconsistent) when it comes to blogging because c) the stretch between the two most recent posts consisted of 59 blogless days.

Aside from a challenging blogging project (CBP) that’s hard to turn down, the piece is also fitting because the goal of the author’s writing project is to parallel the launch of his side project. Some of you already know from the surveys you’ve taken (thank you) what my side project entails. Some of you do not. There could be some hints, but don’t expect anything explicit. At some point, however, I do plan on spilling the beans.

So, I’d love for you to journey along with me. If not, no worries. (The objective of this CBP is more for me than it is for you, anyway.) Cheers!


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