A CBP | #1

Let me remind you that blogging doesn’t always equate to fluid, beautiful writing. Sometimes, it entails other forms of expression. Today, on Day 1 of my challenging blogging project (CBP), I present:

My morning and workday in songs.

First song I heard this morning taking Blue into doggie daycare.

Told my friend, Mike, that I heard the aforementioned song and immediately verbatim texted to him, “Safe to say it’s gonna be a good day.” To which he responded with…

Stayed busy enough at work to not think of any other music until my stomach started growling.

Needed a pick-me-up unrelated to caffeine. No, Chris and I are not in a fight.

Wanted more music so shuffled my iTunes music and the first song to come on was this.

Obviously after thinking about JT my mind wandered to Jimmy Fallon and then I remembered the recent episode of The Tonight Show Chris and I watched and how surprised I was to enjoy the performance by Chvrches.

Then looked at the right sidebar at suggested songs and saw the song that Collin frequently played last weekend in the mountains.

Drops mic. Preps to leave work. In an hour and a half.



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