A CBP | #2

What did I see, hear, smell, taste, or touch that made me feel a certain way, good or bad?


Note: this is an active blogging session. So, the words you are reading are literally coming straight from my head to the screen.

Shoes. Man, I’m a sucker for all sorts of different kinds of shoes. Sneakers, wedges, heels, flats, booties, cleats, running shoes, sandals, flip-flops.

But wait. Some of my shoes could be put into two categories. For example, I have a pair of sneakers that also qualify as flats (BucketFeet slip-ons). And I have a pair of flip-flops that are high enough quality to be considered sandals (Rainbows).

In which category do I fit? 


Am I Millennial? Yes and no. I have had my pouts of entitlement but in all honesty, who hasn’t? Sometimes I can be lazy. On Sundays after that aforementioned date night that turned into two-too-many-beers, yes, I can be lazy. And sometimes I have tech savvy moments. I can certainly adapt to techy things fairly quickly but I wouldn’t consider myself to be ahead of the curve.

Am I a Professional? Yes and no. I most definitely hate dressing like one. Unless, of course, a professional wears black jeans and flats (including BucketFeet sneaker flats) with an untucked long, flowy top that is not made out of silk. I enjoy networking. But, I don’t strongly care for that term. I think I’ll start calling it relationshiping. I’d like to think that I’m a hard worker. Of course there are those days when I’m simply in a daze. If you’ve never had one of those daze days, you’re clearly blacking out and not remembering well.

Am I a Christian? Yes and no. I believe in God, Jesus Chris, and the Holy Spirit (among many other things – let’s not go there right now). But, I don’t believe that my notion of God is the only notion of God. I definitely don’t condemn or judge others for not believing in God. Also, I sin. And, I hold an unpopular feeling around corporate worship.

What am I?

A daughter. To four parents. Well technically, five. I was born in South Korea to an unwed mother who put me in the wonderful care of my foster mother. At six months old, Les and Papa John scooped me away to the cold ass state of Connecticut from which we moved a short handful of months later.

A wife, to my forever #mcm. He’s SO legit.

A sister, to two older brothers. And two sister-in-laws and one brother-in-law. They are legit.

A friend, to lots of folks. They’re also legit.

My train of thought has led me to believe that there’s a vast difference between how you categorize yourself (not to be mistaken with how society categorizes you) and who you actually are. What are you?



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