A CBP | #4

The age of the #hashtag.

Aside from their organizational purpose, hashtags do many other things. Here are 5 things hashtags have taught me.

  1. They create drama. It could be the simplest and vaguest of sentences but with that one hashtag, it becomes something much, much more. Perfect example: “Today I went trail running for the first time. #brokemyleg.”
  2. My early childhood reading skills come in handy. You know the ones. The long hashtags. You find yourself sounding it out out loud, trying to decipher if the “I” belongs to the next letter or if it’s supposed stand alone.
  3. One hashtag is sometimes all you need. Perfect example: “#TBT.”
  4. Grammar doesn’t apply to hashtags. 99% of hashtags are incomplete sentences or run-on sentences and that’s 100% acceptable in social media world.
  5. They are intergenerational. I know grandparents who use hashtags. And 5 year olds. #boom.

What have hashtags taught you?


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