A CBP | #8 | The Age of the “Wait what did you just say?” Phrases 

If you are at all connected to American pop culture you’ve probably heard combinations of words that at first made you think twice.  I don’t know the origins of these expressive phrases (probably 79% Kardashians) – and I refuse to consider them complete sentences – but I do know these phrases have made their way stealthily into my life.  (Side eye.) I did not ask for it. But I can’t take it back. There’s nothing I can do now but embrace them and be sure to not use the same phrase within at least five minutes of each other. Here we go. 

All the ___. So I’m currently sitting in the hair chair and my colorist just asked what we did for our honeymoon. I excitedly told her we went to Barbados and did all the things. We really did do all the things one should do when visiting Barbados for an extended period of time. 

Got me like ___. This one is interesting because sometimes the phrase ends there. Abruptly. Sometimes there are more words to keep describing what it got him/her/them like. Or sometimes an emoji follows. E.g. “That bird just pooped all over my freshly waxed car! Ugh. Got me like, ‘Bird, you better be glad I don’t have wings.’ Or, “That bird just pooped all over my freshly waxed car! Ugh. Got me like 😡.”

I be like ___. This one is very similar to got me like. They can essentially be interchanged. 

Dat ___ though. Note: ‘though’ is often spelled ‘doe’ or ‘tho’ for emphasis. This is a phrase that can be used to signify a strong impression or feeling. For me, when I get paid and check my bank account, I typically say something like, “That direct deposit though!” I refuse to spell it incorrectly though. (Ha.)

I can’t even. This is probably one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure saying this one out loud, in public, is detrimental to my intelligence but I don’t care because I can’t even. 

Stop. Also a goodie. Especially when using the appropriate hand motion. Now you want to be careful not to disrupt the conversation. Do not just throw it out there in the middle of someone’s story. That’s downright rude. But do say it, and maybe draw out the ‘ahhh’ sound, if it’s a really good story. And maybe cock your head ever so slightly to the side when saying it. 

What am I missing, fellow pop culture people? 


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