A CBP | #11 | What’s cooking in my kitchen?

While introducing Hootsuite to my Mom (she has an awesome new side project) last weekend I accidentally auto-scheduled a post full of jibber jabber. I forgot about that auto-scheduled post because I may have been on beer numero cuatro at that point. (Don’t judge. We were celebrating her 60th birthday. Naturally we talk business when celebrating said birthday.) Funny thing is, that post received a strong amount of engagement. And all it said was something like this: apjsgnmasdpgmpssdg,amt. (I think I probably would have clicked on the post, too.) Do we crave mystery? Do we want to be in the know? Probably both.

All that to say, I came to realize that the enjoyment I receive from using and teaching about social media is one more item I think I’ll add to the things cooking in my kitchen. Why not do some freelance social media consulting on the side, amidst the other things on the side. Those things? This is where it get entertaining. And make me appear busy. 🙂

So, what happened to GCN?

After a short 3.5 months at Georgia Center for Nonprofits, I was offered the amazing opportunity to work for 48in48 and Dragon Army. I went to the 48in48 event held at General Assembly in PCM the morning the hackathon was to start, on behalf of GCN, to do some casual interviewing and reporting. (48in48 is a nonprofit geared towards helping other nonprofits in the tech department, 48 of them to be exact, 18 of whom are GCN’s members.) My time that morning turned into an impromptu volunteer session for 3.5 hours. It also led to wonderful conversation which essentially turned into a job offer exactly one week later.

It was a struggle to know that I would potentially be leaving a job so quickly – a job in which I truly enjoyed my coworkers. It was a struggle to imagine the short stint at GCN would look funky on my resume. But the pros entirely outweighed those struggles. I accepted the 48in48/Dragon Army gig just one day after I received my offer letter. The most important thing I learned from that time? You shouldn’t stay at a job just because you need to put in more time. Life really is like a box of chocolates. You truly never know what you’re gonna get. And when life offers you lemons, you make a damn lemonade vodka drink. In other words, you make the best out of what’s offered to you. And sometimes that means taking a scary leap of faith. Sometimes that means staying at a job for a handful of months.

I also had some people advising that I not put GCN on my resume because of my time there being so short. I opted to keep it. Why? I have nothing to hide. If I value honesty I should probably live up to it.

I have a second (or third technically?) job.

A couple months ago I was perusing Facebook like I normally do five to six times a day and ran across a sponsored blog post. I clicked on it and quickly learned that I could make money by grocery shopping and delivering those groceries. I then learned that I could set up my own schedule (like Uber) and pick and choose grocery lists depending on where that person lives and when he or she wants said groceries delivered. The company is called Shipt. If you’ve ever seen people donning lime green shirts with a UFO in the middle, definitely making use of their time up and down the aisles of Publix, then those are Shipt shoppers. That’s me. It’s a pretty sweet little gig.

And, I also have a startup in the making.

I’ve found a need and I’m going to address it with an app. Stay tuned. 🙂

That’s it – for now. 



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