A CBP | #12 | I stood up at work all day.

Typically I’ll start off at my desk for an hour then move to the counter, then maybe move back to my desk after lunch. Not today. Today was the first day I actually stood up for the entire work day. (I did have two meetings which forced me to sit for a total of 60-70 minutes.) Here’s what I gleaned:

  1. The new MacBook has amazing battery life.
  2. I focus better. When I sit, I realize how comfortable I can get which in turn leads to an impromptu Internet surfing session. All of a sudden, 30 minutes passes and I’m scrambling to remember what I was supposed to be working on.
  3. I break better. The thing with standing up all day is that your feet eventually do get tired, especially if you’re wearing any sort of a heel. So, I’m more intentional with the breaks I take.
  4. I appear more accessible. As I roll into this PM position, I want to be accessible. I also want to portray that I value collaboration. Granted, I definitely throw in my earbuds as a “please knock before entering” sign when necessary.
  5. I burn more calories. Not a huge concern but hey I’ll take it. 🙂

Cheers to staying on your toes!


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