A CBP | #15 | My Side Project

In November I took a workshop-style class at General Assembly called “Entrepreneurship in Action” taught by Paul Foster. I only paid $25 which seemed like a steal by the end of the class. Well actually, scratch that. I spent $35 because I ate Korean food and drank a beer during class. Yas, Ponce City Market!

Including me, five diverse students sat in a small, white-walled classroom while our teacher started with some basics. We asked him some questions, went to work on our own for a few minutes, shared our work, and repeated this cycle for a total of five slides from his deck, totaling to two hours of class.

Those two hours went by remarkably fast. I remember swiftly walking to my car after class and asking Siri to call “Husband Chris” immediately. I felt energized and eager to apply the things I just learned to my side project. I did a little more work over the next few days and soon connected with whom I’d call a mentor and advisor. We scheduled a time to eat lunch and talk about my side project. This would be the first time talking to a relevant startup business person so I definitely felt a handful of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. After our lunch meeting, I felt even more energized and eager to maintain the momentum that seemed to have organically grown.

I’ve been working on it as much as I could ever since then. A small percentage of you already know. For the rest of you, here goes…

Imagine you move to a new and unfamiliar city. One of the items on your to-do list aside from packing and labeling what feels like a million boxes is to look for a new church. What do you do first? A Google search, of course. “Churches in Bigtown, USA.” 0.2 seconds later and oh boy. Your eyes widen as you realize how vague of a search you just performed.  You hit the back button and try again. This time: “Large churches in Bigtown, USA.” Noticing that the one adjective added to your second search didn’t really alter the results, you move to a different medium: Facebook.

“Hey friends. Does anyone recommend any fairly large churches in Bigtown, USA? If so, please share!”

In 24 hours you have a list of 10 different recommended churches. After heavily interacting with all 10 church websites, only four seem to be worthy of visiting. You commit a full month to visiting these four churches. Each church had something good about it – something you appreciated and enjoyed. But unfortunately, only one of the churches was compelling enough for a second visit. You go back the following Sunday but quickly realize that the preacher you heard last week was a guest preacher from out of town. Back to the drawing board.

Some of you are thinking that that statistic – finding one decent church out of four – isn’t bad, especially considering we are talking about the ever-so-drawn-out and beast that is church shopping. But for me, that’s not good enough. That’s not efficient enough. That statistic has been turning me into an apathetic church goer for 3 years.

Well, with my side project eventually becoming a tangible, beautiful, efficient, free, app-based service for church shoppers alike, my goal is to turn that statistic on its head – to maximize your efforts when searching for a new church home – to find you a new church home backed by a detailed, structured, objective search – to connect you with other church shoppers to keep your morale high – to connect you with members of churches you might visit.

Let me bring you to real time.

  1. Soon and hopefully very soon I will be asking for seed capital to get this app built.
  2. I’m currently engaging with back end and front end iOS developers for when I snatch said seed capital.
  3. My goal is to have 100 churches from the Metro ATL with full profiles in my database before my launch goal of Summer of 2016.
  4. My goal is to have 200 church shoppers ready to make use of this app for my launch goal of Summer of 2016.
  5. Its name? Steeple

I believe I’ve been divinely inspired and guided to this moment in my life and career – to the ideation and hopefully creation of this platform. I’m putting myself and my idea out there with the hope that whoever reads this post will do at least one of the following things: cheer for Steeple, pray for Steeple, or eventually use Steeple.

Thanks so much for reading.


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