A CBP | #16 | Resolutions? Meh.

Why is the end of a year synonymous with making resolutions? This has always been a little confusing, and frankly, silly to me. Sure, I’m all for people wanting to better themselves. But I’d like to think we should choose to better ourselves every day. Also, on a realistic level, resolutions carry less weight to me when the percentage of people actually seeing them through is unfortunately low.

  • According to an American study from 2015, 8% of people achieve their resolution.
  • According to an Australian study from 2014, 2 out of 3 people admitted failing at keeping their resolutions. Reasons for failure were setting unrealistic goals, not keeping track of goals, and (somehow) forgetting altogether their goals. 80% of those who didn’t keep their resolutions failed within three months.

So what’s all the hype? Why is one of the first questions we ask our family, friends, and coworkers when the new year is approaching, “Are you going to make any resolutions?”

I recently listened to a podcast from Startups For The Rest Of Us. It was incredibly valuable to me for two reasons. 1) I could directly apply these tips to my startup. 2) I could directly apply these tips to me life.

The podcast’s title: How to Set Annual Goals. There are seven tips. In this post, I’m going to talk about the first three. In my next post, I’ll talk about the last four. I hope they may prove to be as helpful for you and your life as they are and will be for me.

  1. Make the time to set your annual goals. Makes sense but how easy it is to forget to set aside time – time to be intentional about whatever it is you’re doing. Intention and focus is nothing without being present.
  2. Recap the current year. What went well and why did it go well? What didn’t happen that you wanted to happen? What things do you want to be celebrating in one year? What gave you life?
  3. Limit yourself to one or two major goals. Set milestone goals. I think this tip is one of the heavier weighted tips, particularly setting milestone goals. Just like any project has milestones that need to be projected and tracked, personal goals can also have milestone. E.g. I want to launch Steeple by the Summer of 2016. I can’t just assume that my ducks will be in a row by this summer. I need to set milestones, such as breaking ground on app development by March or obtaining 50 churches by April.

Good luck and stay tuned!


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