A CBP | #17 | Resolutions? Meh. (Continued)

Time to start where I last left off. Here’s Part 1 to get you all caught up. But because you more than likely “don’t have the time” to click that link and read an entire blog post, I’ll help you out by listing the first three goals without the fluff behind it.

  1. Make the time to set your annual goals.
  2. Recap the current year.
  3. Limit yourself to one or two major goals. Set milestone goals
  4. Identify ways to hold yourself accountable. I think I speak for the general public when I say holding yourself accountable actually means asking someone else to hold you accountable. Vital to reaching those milestones and goals is ensuring you choose the person who doesn’t beat around the bush with you. It would be counterproductive to appoint someone who thinks everything is perfect and wonderful all the time.
  5. Identify your motivational triggers. The ability to know yourself well requires a kind of fine tuned self-reflection. And for the record, being wholly self-reflective is not easy. However, even though it might cause unwanted pain or flashbacks, being that in tune with yourself means you get to embrace yourself. Being that in tune with yourself means you get to be yourself.
  6. Identify patterns that indicate you are demotivated. I think identifying these patterns is a twofold effort: an effort from you and an effort from your accountability partner. This is why it’s important that the person holding you accountable can be honest with you. Something to take note while you’re in a period of demotivation is if it’s a long-term or short-term dip. After all, “If you’re not enjoying the journey along the way (for the most part), you won’t enjoy the destination when you get there.”
  7. Set up a reward system for meeting your milestones and your goals. Two words: Treat. Yo’self. Another two words: Self. Care. When you do something amazing, you probably had to put a ton of effort into it. So, care for yourself by treating yourself.

There they are. Those are seven practical tips for helping you help yourself. Good luck!


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