A CBP | #20 | Small Things

I spent most of my working afternoon on Dagger’s (and Dragon Army’s) lovely deck. This deck overlooks the very north tip of Piedmont Park, the small lawn behind Ru San’s across the street from Ansley Mall. It’s also the deck Orpheus Brewing uses to host its patrons should the weather permit it.

For the collective few hours I sat outside, the sun lovingly warmed my face while the birds serenaded my ears. I couldn’t help but notice the people whose feet either walked around or through the small circle-shaped lawn…

Two strangers with dogs agreeably unharnessed their eager and excited dogs. The owners watched as the pups chased each other and somehow communicated effortlessly so that both would have a turn being the chaser.

Then, a father and his young son played imaginary football – an act you would more likely see in a cutesy rom-com.

Later, another father-son duo, this time rollerblading around the small lawn, both wearing helmets but one moving more comfortably and confidently than the other. The other still eager to keep pace. 

The small things brought joy to me to today. I witnessed kindness and happiness, adventure and energy. Maybe they weren’t such small things after all…


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