A CBP | #22 | This must be the place…

I started to open the pages of this crisp new book realizing this was a first time experience for me. Was I supposed to have read this classic during high school or college? I cannot remember. Did I feel a little embarrassed for never having read it? Yes.

I thumbed through the first two pages, ready to skim through the foreword as I bet most people do. But the book name dropped on me. I saw “Foreward by Oprah Winfrey” and allowed my eyes and brain to start doing their jobs.

I was touched. I was excited. I couldn’t wait to get to the first sentence of the book. Her words – so descriptive, poetic, and real – forced me into an imaginative state.

A few pages in I heard leaves on the driveway scatter across the pavement as the gentle wind blew them to a new resting place. I looked to my left. I saw a bird fly past. I noticed a black ant climbing up the wall, its mountain. I saw the shadows from the sun peeking through my canopy of trees overhead.

This must be the place…


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